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domain features

Automated Control Panel

Get the most out of your domain. Our domain management tools give you full control over your domain, so you can create memorable destinations for everywhere your domain points.

Phone & Email Support

Our customer support team is made up of real, compassionate, knowledgable human beings who are ready to help. No phone trees, no call centers — just compassionate, person-to-person care.

Domain DNS Management

Get your domain up and running faster. With our simple, user-friendly control panel, it just takes a few clicks to connect your domain to a website, email, and more.

Whois Privacy

Mask your personal information. Safeguarding your personal data.

Whois Management

Manage your Whois information from within our easy to use control panel

Name Server Control

Nameservers are the first thing domain names look to when they need to know where the content of a site is located. Nameservers dictate the DNS, which means you have to setup the DNS records with your nameserver provider.

Domain Locking

With the domain locking feature, you have total control over the safety of your domain name. You can choose to lock your domain name to prevent unauthorized or accidental transfers, or you can unlock your domain name when you need to move it to another registrar.

Free URL Forwarding

Forward your name to any existing URL to give your blog, storefront, or online portfolio instant curb appeal. With free URL Forwarding, it’s fast and easy to create a fresh, engaging name for your existing web presence.